Month: November 2016

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17 Text Pranks That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

1. The invention of “………..slime man” 2. The moo: Twitter: @samalmondjoy 3. The good ol’ Joe Biden: Twitter: @Cristinnn__ 4. The mom who all of a sudden became a stan: Twitter: @larryarehome 5. The Twinkie: Twitter: @LiasaurusRex 6. The pecan pie: Twitter: @theysaymeredith 7. The Gettysburg Address: Twitter: @carolineHmason 8. The puppies: Twitter: @AveryPogue…
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24 Times Scottish Twitter Made You Shit Yourself Laughing In 2016

1. On life goals: Twitter: @cxitlan 2. On music: Twitter: @rossclark95 3. On getting wasted: Twitter: @owentilley17 4. On clothing: Twitter: @beak97 5. On babies: Twitter: @Goudie15 6. On kids: Twitter: @Goudie15 7. On teenage boasts: Twitter: @xjorgie 8. On haircuts: Twitter: @Goudie15 9. On phones: Twitter: @_StarsX 10. On group chats: Twitter: @KPFB14 11.…
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19 Things You’ll Just Get If You’re A Girl Who Loves To Poo

1. People who joke that girls don’t poo wind you up. We’re proud of our superior stench, Spike. 2. Because you’re not afraid to talk about what’s important to you. 3. In fact, you talk about it in explicit detail. Universal 4. Because you’re such a confident pooer, you never worry about people…
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