Month: November 2016

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Watch Snoop Dogg As He Hilariously Despairs Through Kanye’s Latest Concert Rant

You may have seen that Kanye West caused even more controversy over the weekend by ranting about Beyoncé, Jay Z, and the election result at a concert, before abruptly storming offstage.   It happened during a concert in Sacramento on Saturday night. So Snoop Dogg decided to watch the whole thing through. And he had…
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Single People Re-Created Those Awkward-Ass Wedding Photos You Always See

Have you seen those incredibly awkward wedding photos? You know the ones I’m talking about…where two people are holding hands with a tree inexplicably between them? Or straddling each other in a random field? Things get pretty weird. So, we got some single AF people to join the fun and make their own photos: BuzzFeedYellow…
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17 Harry Potter Memes That Are So Dumb They’re Great

1. This crossover: Warner Bros. / Via 2. This promise: Warner Bros. / Via 3. This bulk mail: 4. This magical substance: Warner Bros. / Via 5. This development: 6. And this brief synopsis: 7. This comparison: Warner Bros. / Via 8. This classic hit from a few…
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